Beth Ministries

Green Tree Network

The Green Tree Network - An anti human trafficking collective organized to serve as a catalyst
for social reform to end social oppression, complex childhood trauma and human trafficking

Beth Labor Day Sunday Anti-Trafficking Vigil Sunday beginning at 6:15am EST
The Green Tree Q & A Forum 2nd Thursday at 8:30pm EST of February and August
Beth Inner Narrative 2nd Tuesday at 8:30pm EST April and November
The Jeremiad Forum 5th Saturday at 8:30pm (TBA)

No Small Gain Well-being Committee (Partnership) Thursdays 11:30am EST
Internet Radio: or call: (215)383-5863 (every few weeks, check web site)

The Poor In Spirit Forum Theatre (TBA)
Captive Daughter Workshop (2 days TBA)

The Green Tree Q & A Forum - Research activists report on strategies utilized
globally to protect the vulnerable against spiritual abuse and sexual violence
Well-being Committee - An Interfaith study team that explores the 7
Spheres of Influence: Government, Religion, Family, Arts, Media, Business
and Education positive impact upon today's youth
Inner Narrative - Visualization and listening prayer, to change our own
internal narrative into one that is self-sustaining, self-nourishing, and life-giving
Forum Theatre - An interactive form that encourages audience participation
as a tool to explore various solutions to difficult problems

Soulful Reflection!

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