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Reunion Weekend 2004

September 3-5, 2004

  1. Correspondence (the communication with bros via mail, email & phone)
  2. Program Itenerary (Must include registration/check-in, events for bros & loved ones, events for bros only,etc)
  3. Hall Of Fame Banquet location, program, speaker, inductees, trophies, meal & catering (Yeah, IMPORTANT...)
  4. Facilities (secure locations for ea event/activity EX:ballroom, Elmore Alumni Hall,Savannah Grande, Palace?, mtg rms)
  5. Registration cost and Registration Team
  6. Hotel/lodging rates
  7. Photographer or historian (not only to take pictures,but to document history and stories)
  8. All other stuff!
Send info to be posted here to me at gberry AT gberry DOT com

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