Sigma Men of Distinction . . .


Preston Edwards - Founder of Black Collegiate Magazine
Joe L Dudley, Sr. - Bro. Dudley is present and Ceo of Dudley Hair Care Products Dudley Products, Dudley Cosmetology University, Dudley Direct, Dudley Products Cosmetics, Dudley Travel and Dudley Cosmetology University. He is also the Chairmen of AHBAI.
Jesse T Williams - Executive of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Herman J Russell - Bro. Herman's company is the largest minority-owned general contractor in the United States. One can look throughout the Southeast to see the Russell mark on such buildings as Atlanta's Georgia Dome and the Coca-Cola headquarters.
Alden J McDonald - Pres. and CEO of Liberty Bank and Trust Company of New Orleans
Marshal B Bass - Corporate Vice Pres.for R.J.Reynolds Industries
B Doyle Mitchell - Pres. and CEO of Industrial Bank of Washington,D.C.
James Paschal - Co-Owner,Paschal Bros.Food and Beverage Enterprise
James T Hadley - CEO of Community Bank of Lawndale (Chicago)
Barry E Beckham - Founder of Beckham House Publishers
Herman E Valentine Sr. - Founder of Systems Management American Corporation (Norfolk,Va.)
Ron Carter - Senoir Director of Media Relations,Qwest Records
William Stanley - Executive of the Clorox Corporation
Carter D. Womack - Executive of the Blockbuster Entertainment Group
Peter Adams, Esq - Partner at Callahan, Schepp, Yuhas, Adams & Carfora
Delxeno Wilson de Briano - American Communications Network, Tag Team
Ezunial Burks - Head Director of the Los Angeles Harbor
A Winston Scott -


George Washinton Carver * - World Renown Scientist
James Weldon Johnson * - Bro. Johnson is most famous for writing the Lyrics to the Negro National Anthem, "Lift Every Voice and Sing." In addition, he was a poet, educator, lawyer, diplomat, and civil right activist.
Alain L Locke * - First Black Rhodes Scholar
Samuel Robinson * - Executive Director, Lincoln Foundation
Louis Westerfield * - First Black Head of The University of Mississippi School of Law
Dr. Parlett Moore -Renowned Physician in the Baltimore, Md. Area
Ezunial Burks - Current Head Director of the Los Angeles Harbor
Dr. Shirl Gilbert - Superintendant, Indianapolis School System

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