I.    Purpose:


 II.   Organizational Structure

A.    Executive Board

1.      Members

2.      Term Of Office

3.      Eligibility

4.      Election Process

B.     Quorum Make-Up

1.      Majority rule

2.      % of board members over 51%

                  C.  Board Meetings


III.   Operational Procedures

A.  Fund Raising

1.  Donation Requests

2.  Zeta Kappa Functions

3.      Capital Investing

a.       established minimal principal

b.      % of principal to be invested

4.      Future Zeta Kappa Member Donation

B.  Fund  Disbursements

a.       amount of funds used for scholarship purposes

b.      operational budget

C.    Financial Statement Release

a.       frequency

b.      location

c.       method

d.      tie-in with Zeta Kappa events & functions

D.    Follow-Up  With Recipients

E.     Scholarship Awardment

1.      annual

2.      full 4-yr

3.      academic requirements

4.      number of awards given

5.      amount of award


IV.        Recipient Eligibility

A.    Parent Must Be A Zeta Kappa Chapter Alumni

B.     Demonstrated Financial Need

C.    Academic Criteria

D.    Must Be High School Or Under-Graduate Student

E.     Personal Profile History

1.      arrest record

2.      community service activities



  V.   Growth Concerns

A.    Financial Management

1.      financial managers

2.      legal consultation

3.      by-law amendment 

4.      recipient eligibility

a.       expanding scope

b.      decreasing scope

B.     Executive Board

1.      member eligibility

2.      increase/decrease board make-up

3.      salary concerns    

C.    Recipient Eligibility

1.      expand/decrease scope of eligible recipients

2.      increase/decrease criteria for eligibility

3.      allow non Zeta Kappa affiliated recipients          



The tragic event that befell Brother Devon Harvey and his family crystalized a desire to live up to our commitment to scholarship by the alumni of Zeta Kappa chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. We have banded together to honor our departed but not forgoten Brothers, Family and Friends. As our commitment to serve our culture never ends we have continued the friendship, trust, and service of Zeta Kappa chapter by organizing to channel our resources. As with tragedies in the past, our current hardships serve to temper our will and bring us closer as Brothers.

In tribute to Brother Devon Harvey, and remembrance of his son Craig Christopher-Hugh Harvey, we the brothers of the Zeta Kappa chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., have created the Craig Christopher-Hugh Harvey Memorial Scholarship Fund.  This fund will not only serve as a statement of the brotherhood, friendship, trust, and service given to Zeta Kappa chapter by Brother Harvey, but also as a tribute to, and remembrance of Craig Christopher-Hugh Harvey, by those who knew and loved him.

Continuing in the spirit of giving, fellowship, brotherhood, and scholarship established and practiced by the many members of Zeta Kappa chapter, the Craig Christopher-Hugh Harvey Memorial Scholarship Fund is designed to carry forth these ideals to future generations of Zeta Kappa members and their families.  The purpose of this fund is to assist the offspring of Zeta Kappa chapter members in the fulfillment of their academic endeavors and goals, by awarding financial scholastic grants to eligible applicants.





Executive Board:  The Executive Board of Directors will initially consist of the Executive Director, Operational Director, Financial Director, present Zeta Kappa Chapter Advisor, present Zeta Kappa chapter president, Advisors to the Executive Director, and any office or position deem necessary by the Executive Board.


Executive Director   The Executive Director  will function as CEO of the fund.  He will oversee all organizational and operational concerns of the fund, through delegation of responsibilities to various Executive Board members.  The Executive Director will chair all board meetings and will act as the official liaison between the fund and all parties associated and conducting business with it.


Operational Director   The Operational Director will directly oversee the daily operational procedures and activities of the fund.  He will ensure that all fund directives and operations authorized by the Executive Board be carried out.  The Operational Director will coordinate the activities of the Financial Director, and directly report the operational status of the fund to the Executive Director.


Financial Director   The Financial Director will be responsible for managing the finances of the fund.  He will maintain all financial records and tax information pertaining to the fund.  The Financial Director will be responsible for suggesting, planning, and initiating methods for securing and propagating  fund assets.  He will coordinate with the Operational Director concerning all avenues available for fund raising.  The Financial Director shall report directly to the Executive Director concerning the financial health of the fund


Term Of Office:  The Executive Director, Operational Director, and Financial Director positions will be deemed “life time” position.  Persons occupying these positions will hold them until resignation, death, or removal by  vote of the Executive Board.  The Zeta Kappa Chapter Advisor will hold their Executive Board position while functioning in the capacity of chapter advisor.  The Zeta Kappa Cheaper President’s position on the Executive Board will be held by the current chapter president.  The Executive Board will determine the length of all other Executive Board members’ terms.


Quorum Make-Up:   Issues and situations that have a grave effect on the organizational structure or financial position of the fund, must be approved by a vote of the Executive Board.  Any changes to this quorum ratio must be made by the Executive Board.  Routine operational procedures are exempt from this requirement.


Board Meetings:   Executive Board meetings will be scheduled by the Executive Board as needed, or called for on an emergency basis by any Executive Board Member.





Fund Raising:  Various methods of raising money for the fund will be employed.  Donations, solicited and unsolicited; annual fund raising functions sponsored by Zeta Kappa chapter; and capital investing of fund monies can be employed in the maintenance and growth of the fund.


Donation Requests   An initial request for a voluntary donation will be requested of all prior and present members of Zeta Kappa chapter.  Future requests for donations from Zeta Kappa members may or may not be employed, as per decision of the Executive Board.  All persons contributing to this initial donation request will be formally acknowledged by the fund.


Zeta Kappa Chapter Functions   The members of Zeta Kappa chapter will perform at least one yearly fund raising function in support of the fund.  This option will serve as the major influx of monies into the fund in its infancy.


Capital Investing  Selective investing of fund monies will become the primary means for future fund growth and prosperity.  A percentage of fund monies, determined by the Executive Board, will used for capital investing for the purpose of fund growth.  A fixed amount of fund monies will be set aside by the Executive Board as a non-invested principal. 


Future Zeta Kappa Member Donation   As time passes, future donation requests may go out to former fund recipients


Fund Disbursements   The Executive Board will determine the time and amount of fund monies available for award, depending on criteria established the board.  The Executive Board will also determine an operational budget for conducting fund business.


Financial Statement Release   The Financial Director will periodically release financial statements pertaining to the fund’s health and activities.   These statements will be provided to all parties demonstrating a legal or legitimate need for them.  The Financial Director will determine the method and frequency of all financial statement releases.


Follow-Up With Recipients   A tracking and follow-up guideline for  fund recipients will be established and enacted to document and measure the academic and personal impact of the fund on the recipient, over a selected period of time.  The Operational Director will be responsible for initiating and managing this program.


Scholarship Awarding   The Executive Board will determine the term, occurrence, number, and amount of all scholarships awarded.  The board will also establish all requirements, academic, financial, and personal, that will determine eligibility for the scholarship.  The Operational Director will be tasked with coordinating scholarship awarding program.




Parent:  All recipients of the Craig Christopher-Hugh Harvey scholarship must be a legal child of a Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity member, initiated into the fraternity at Zeta Kappa chapter.


Financial  Need:   A financial need profile will be developed by the Executive Board to assist in identifying eligible applicants for scholarships.  


Academic Criteria:   The Executive Board will establish academic requirement for eligible scholarship applicants.    The Board will also set the scope of eligible applicants, ie:  high school. undergraduate,  post-graduate, or beyond.


Personal Profile History:   A personal profile history will be required of all applicants to ascertain eligibility based upon personal conduct, community service, other scholarship or grant awards, or matters that may attest to the applicant’s credibility or eligibility for this scholarship program. 




Financial Management:   As the situations present themselves.  The Executive Board is authorized to expand or decrease the scope and responsibilities of all financial aspects of the fund.  Financial money managers and legal consults may be employed to carry out the directives of the Executive Board and meet the needs of the fund, as circumstances require.


By-Law Amendment:  It is the duty of the Executive Board to create a method for amending, changing, or reconstructing the by-laws governing the fund. 


Eligibility:  The Executive Board will have the authority to expand or decrease  the eligibility for application for the fund.  


Salary:  As this fund is destined to grow in magnitude and scope, the Executive Board is authorized to construct a salary structure to compensate individuals functioning as full time  agents of the fund.


Executive Board:  The Executive Board is authorized to change its make-up and responsibilities as circumstances demand.  The Board will construct a method for this purpose.